EdgeWise for MEP

Automated Feature Extraction + Full Revit Integration = Substantial Workflow Savings

For the first time, users can bring extracted ducting, conduit and other mechanical, electrical, and plumbing (MEP) elements directly into Autodesk® Revit® as fully functional pipe, conduit or duct Revit families. Even rectangular ducting, complex transitions and mitered elbows can be easily modeled from point clouds. ClearEdge3D’s MEP solution leverages the powerful feature extraction technology of EdgeWise to extract cylindrical and rectangular solids from laser scan point clouds. EdgeWise dramatically speeds the process of modeling MEP as-builts, offering users time savings of up to 85%.

Lightning-Fast Workflow

EdgeWise has a lightning-fast MEP modeling workflow that allows you to go from field to finished Revit deliverable in record time. Pipes extracted and finished in EdgeWise come into Revit as fully functional pipe, conduit or duct Revit families while maintaining key intelligence such as diameter, length and more.

“I honestly don’t think we could have completed the project on time and
on budget without EdgeWise for MEP.”
Ben Bennett, Managing Director, Digital Surveys, Ltd.
Example MEP EdgeWise Workflow

Step 1: Import Point Cloud

EdgeWise can process numerous formats including: .fls, .ptx, .ptg, .zfs, and .rsp.

Step 2: Extract Ducting

Use EdgeWise’s automated and semi-automated tools to quickly extract the pipes, ducts and conduit in the scene.

Step 3: Confirm Accuracy

QA tools verify accuracy of the extracted pipes to the point cloud.

Step 4: Edit & Finish

Fast editing and finishing tools help you complete the model in record time.

Step 5: Add Intelligence

SmartSheet™ technology captures key model intelligence in an easy-to-edit worksheet.

Step 6: Export Directly to Revit

Our integration with Revit allows you to import the EdgeWise MEP model directly into Revit.

Full integration with Revit Ensures Complete Compatibility

EdgeWise is designed to take the pain out of modeling as-built MEP. Our automated feature extraction technology and semi-automated tools quickly extract pipe and duct geometry from point clouds so you spend minimal time tracing. The EdgeWise finished model can be brought into Revit as fully functional duct, conduit or pipe (even non-standard elbows) Revit families.

QA Tools Ensure Total Accuracy of Your Model

EdgeWise for MEP

The EdgeWise model comes into Revit as proper pipe, conduit or duct families.

EdgeWise quality assurance tools allow you to check the accuracy of every extracted element to ensure your model is true to the point cloud. Any poorly fitted objects can be easily and quickly resized and adjusted to the points to give you precise control and accuracy of your model. With EdgeWise, you can stand confident that your final deliverable meets or exceeds specified project accuracy.

Improved Algorithms Extract Nearly Every Pipe & Duct—Even Complex Transitions

We’ve fine-tuned the algorithms in EdgeWise to virtually eliminate the problem of false-positive pipes, extracting even more pipes and ducts from point clouds faster than ever before. EdgeWise’s new duct tools model highly complex transitions and elbows—saving you countless hours in manual modeling.

Fast Finishing Tools to Complete Your Model in Record Time, While You Save Money & Improve Your Competitive Advantage

Occlusions, transitions, elbows, or other difficult elements can slow down your workflow and add hours to your modeling project. ClearEdge has created completely new tools and algorithms that can accurately connect occluded regions of pipe, join elbows and model transitions to move your workflow along in record time.

In fact, users report an average time-savings of about 70% over other MEP modeling software tools – which can add up to thousands of dollars on larger projects! With savings like this, you can bid more competitively, win more projects and grow your firm’s revenue. EdgeWise users usually see a 100% return on investment in just one or two projects.

“EdgeWise for MEP should be in the toolbox of every firm modeling MEP for a Revit deliverable. Anyone not using it is at a severe competitive disadvantage.”Michael Stys, Director of Technology SolutionsBowman Consulting