EdgeWise Feature Demonstrations

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EdgeWise Overview Video

EdgeWise software from ClearEdge3D offers the fastest most accurate as-built modeling workflows in the AEC industry. Customers report savings of up to 70% over traditional, manual modeling.  The secret is in the software's groundbreaking technology. EdgeWise uses a combination of automated feature extraction algorithms, object recognition technology, pattern extraction, and auto-completion algorithms to help you go from field to finish faster than ever before. This short video will take you through the modeling capabilities of EdgeWise, including a look at the software's pipe, duct, structure, and architectural modeling tools.

EdgeWise Enhanced Active Model UI Features

In this demonstration, we look at the quality-of-life enhancements in EdgeWise. The model tab is now dynamically renamed based on which type of model is active. When a pipe model is active, the piping tab will appear; when a structural model is activated, the piping tab is replaced with the structure tab. The new Highlight Active Model option recolors all loaded models to make the active model more apparent.

Automated Structure Technology in EdgeWise

In this demonstration, we’ll take a look at the new features in EdgeWise that extract properly specified steel and concrete. The technology compares a pattern against the point cloud at regular intervals. EdgeWise is actually fitting it to the point cloud so you can see if the job is done well.